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Principal of Harrison High School talks about teacher layoffs, budget cuts

In economic meltdown, Harrison High School, Layoffs, news, Schools on April 25, 2010 at 9:15 pm

Last Thursday I spoke with Mr. Doug Lesley about the cuts TSC is experiencing.  Lesley, the principal of Harrison High School here in West Lafayette, went on to explain how the cuts came about, and why his school can afford to construct new classrooms, weight rooms and install new bleachers, but can’t afford to keep their teachers.  The school will lose 12 percent of its teaching staff and 20 percent of its administration next fall due largely in part to state property tax caps.

“When they took property tax and did away with it, all the parents were happy because they didn’t have to pay the property tax anymore,” Lesley said. “But it absolutely screwed the schools because we lost millions of dollars.”

Listen to an excerpt of the interview

I’ve contacted Gov. Mitch Daniels as well as Tony Bennett, Superintendent of Public Instruction, on the matter.  My hope is they will get back with me tomorrow about possible interview times.  The story needs another perspective and more than one source.  I’ve also contacted one of the teachers who has been terminated and will not be returning next fall.  Look for the rest of the story soon.