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A little self-promotion

In Economy, Food, New York City, Sustainability on October 31, 2010 at 3:03 am

I recently wrote four articles as part of a World Hunger Series for the Conducive Chronicle. Several of us decided to split the month of October into four-day segments, each of us writing about different faucets of world hunger. I chose to write about hunger in New York City. Here is the first of my posts, and you can read the following posts linked at the bottom. There is still one more that should go up soon.

Today I saw the Huffington Post had cited my posts, which was a pleasant surprise. Here is their story.


New York City,, and World Hunger

In Environment, Food, Media, New York City, news, Sustainability on September 23, 2010 at 1:56 am

It’s been a long time, I know. This summer picked me up and dropped me in New York City, where I’m living and working and surviving. I started the summer as an intern with, the website for a renowned publication that recounts weekly events and opinions for on-the-go readers. Originally I was doing research for the writers, but I was quickly shuttled into the temporary position of photo and cartoon editor to make up for staff comings and goings. I published appropriate cartoons, sourced photos for the site’s stories, and finally began to understand the art of good story pitching. I’ve learned that it’s all about the headline.

They’ve hired a new photo editor to replace Brenna Cammeron, the woman I was filling in for. And now I’ve been asked to stay on more permanently in a promoted position. I am the Audience Development Manager, and I monitor web outreach, social media and blogosphere connections for I also continue to pitch stories for the site, many of which have been picked up and have generated major traffic. For example, Do daughters cause divorces?, Starbucks’ ‘sneaky’ menu switch, and Islamic imagery at Flight 93 memorial have all done quite well.

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