Updates on Planned Parenthood, Indiana Schools, and Roller Derby

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Hello all,

I know it’s been a while since I’ve updated.  I’ve been continuing my research on both the Indiana public schools and Planned Parenthood of Indiana.  I’ve also been attending regular practices with the Lafayette Brawlin’ Dolls (our local roller derby team) for the upcoming cover story in HELEN magazine.

The story on Planned Parenthood is almost finished.  It will be posted first at the Conducive Chronicle website, and then I will post it here.  I interviewed Betty Cockrum last week and could not have asked for a better meeting.  She explained how the last two years have clobbered Planned Parenthood of Indiana in terms of federal funding, but that this year has been the best in fundraising in history.  “Planned Parenthood national reported that in the last quarter of 2009, compared to the last quarter of 2008, there has been a 66 percent increase in the number of incidents reported.  That’s true in Indiana.”  Cockrum said the organization even receives anthrax threats.

The story will explain the controversial videos that were released in late 2008, what the company has done to improve its standards, and how it’s fared over the last two years.  I’m hoping to speak with Lila Rose, the woman who produced the videos, and get her perspective on Planned Parenthood’s efforts to improve.

Cockrum sent me a sample of the types of attacks she receives via email.  The email, written and distributed by Scott Tibbs, calls the organization the “merchants of death,” and begs the city not to give Planned Parenthood any money.  What’s interesting is that according to Planned Parenthood, only six percent of its services go toward abortion.  The rest goes toward reproductive education and health care for low income families.

Moving on.

I did get to speak with Tony Bennett via phone conference.  I will work on that story next.  There have been developments over the last few weeks in terms of education funding here in Indiana.  It’s hard to keep up.

And tomorrow I am attending another roller derby practice.  The photographer(s) are coming along and we will be putting some of the final touches on the story.  Did you know that the derby girls have to pay for their own derby insurance to participate, and that gear alone can cost upwards of $300?  Yowza.  And they aren’t making any money off this sport.  It’s purely for fun, friends and fitness.  Also, one of the girls’ roller derby name is “Stitchez.”  She’s sitting on the bleachers until her broken ankle heals.  She picked the name before the broken ankle.  Maybe it was a bad omen.

Stay tuned.

  1. Check out the well documented film about Planned Parenthood called Maafa21, before you finish. This film has so much unreported information it will make your head spin – but looking tat the credits it is obvious that Maafa21 was researched from the Planned Parenthood’s official files on record at the Sophie Smith Library and with all their boards and founders. It is worth the time for your research to take a good long look at this documentary. Maafa21 can be found here:

  2. “What’s interesting is that according to Planned Parenthood, only six percent of its services go toward abortion.”

    Spin from Planned Parenthood.

    DATA: 36.7% of Planned Parenthood’s “Health Center Income” is from Abortions

    Also a FACT, Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion group in the United States performing 305,310 abortions annually according to their latest annual report.

    • It may be true that more than six percent of organization’s income is from abortions. This is probably because the procedure is much more expensive than an annual exam, birth control, or testing. The latter account for the majority of the organization’s services, however. In 2008, there were 46,932 pap tests performed at Indiana Planned Parenthoods, compared to 5,002 abortions. This says to me that more people are going to Planned Parenthood for their reproductive health and preventive care than for abortions. Also, the six percent statistic was only for the Indiana Planned Parenthood, not the entire organization nation wide. I did not clarify.

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