Updates on School Funding Story

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Tony Bennett, Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction (photo courtesy of the Indiana Department of Education Web site)

I contacted Tony Bennett, the Indiana Superintendent of Public Instruction, in hopes of sitting down and interviewing him for my story on public schools, layoffs, budget cuts, funding, etc.

His office responded to me, and said he would be happy to meet with me.  I’m not sure when that will happen, but in the mean time, they sent me this article for background research.  It’s an examination of the correlation between federal and state funding and student performance in public schools.  It claims that an increase in funding has not improved pupil performance in the past, and probably won’t work now.

“You may be wondering: ‘What did we get for that huge increase in spending?’ The answer is: a lot more public school employees.”

The article goes on to say, “Love isn’t the only thing money can’t buy. It can’t buy you an improved public school system either. And by extension, higher government education spending won’t buy you a better economy.”

Okay, good information, and I’m excited to speak with Dr. Bennett and his staff.  My question is: How do you measure success?  And if funding wont help students improve, what will?  What is another solution to help our public school pupils do well?

What are your thoughts?  I’m really looking forward to speak with him, and I’m excited to continue digging through this story.

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